Preparing For Your Headshot or Personal Branding Session

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What to wear & tips to prepare

1.  Choose clothing that you feel great in!

2.  Choose clothing that is more fitted/form hugging for a slimmer look.

3.  Avoid busy patterns or prints.  Very subtle patterns (men's suits/shirts) are ok, but solids are preferred. We want the focus to be on YOU, not your clothing.

4.  Textures such as denim, and various knits and textures work well.

5.  Be mindful of necklines, and avoid tops that are too low cut.

6.  Don't forget accessories!  

7. Bring more than you think you may need.  I suggest something dark, something light, and something with a pop of color.  I can help you decide either before your session, or when you arrive.  Layering pieces are also great.  

8.  Don't forget to iron/steam your clothing before coming to your session.  We have a lint roller for touch ups. 

9. Avoid short or cap sleeves.  Also avoid tops with shoulders cut out - they look great in full body shots, but are distracting in headshots.

10. Best choices for women - Dresses or shirts with long or 3/4 length sleeves, layered top and sweater or jacket.  Sleeveless tops are ok to show off toned arms, but I suggest also bring a layering piece. For three-quarter length photos, bring denim, leggings, dress pants, or skirt to complete your look.

11. Best choices for men - Suit, button down shirt.  For a more casual look, solid t-shirt (fitted is best) or light weight sweater. For three quarter length photos, denim is great for a casual look, and suit pants keep the look more formal.

12.  Be mindful of your nails - especially for three-quarter length shots.  Your hands may be seen.  A classic manicure always looks nice.

13.  Makeup - When it comes to makeup for your headshots, we highly recommend having your makeup applied by a professional who is experienced in makeup for the camera.  If you are applying your own makeup, you may need a heavier matte foundation (avoid dewy finishes, as they may look greasy on camera).  Also, heavier eye makeup with a set of natural looking false lashes is generally recommended so that your eyes "pop" in your pictures.  Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you would like to use our professional makeup service.  

14.  Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, and get a good sleep the night before your session!

15. Relax and have fun!  We can't wait to see you!

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