Seeking Dancer Models

January 13, 2016  •  2 Comments

Do you know someone who loves to dance?  Gretchen Noelle Photography is currently seeking dancers, rhythmic gymnasts, and acrobats for various projects  and promotional materials throughout 2016.  Most projects will take place in Michigan, in the Metro Detroit area.  Los Angeles and Las Vegas are also being considered in late February, early March.  Gretchen is looking for a diverse group of dance models - all levels (including professionals), and all ages are encouraged to apply.  Please submit photos and/or videos showing off what you do best.  Please indicate if you own pointe shoes and are proficient in pointe.  Selected models will be compensated with complimentary photos for their time, and must be willing to sign a model release.  

Please email photos/videos/links to [email protected] with DANCE in the subject line.  Please indicate which location you are applying for (Michigan, L.A., Las Vegas).  Travel is the responsibility of the model.  All other inquiries, please use contact form, or call (734)934-1587

Fine Art Dance PhotographyFine Art Dance Photography


Christmas Session - Newborn Christmas Photos

December 23, 2015  •  2 Comments

Ahh, just look at them!  This family is seriously gorgeous, and so sweet too!  Baby C didn't arrive until after our Santa mini sessions, so we planned a Christmas themed newborn session so his parents will be able to remember just how teeny tiny he was for his First Christmas!  At the end of the session, he modeled an adorable little hat that was made by his talented mommy!  I love it when we are able to incorporate personal pieces that clients bring along!  

IMG_0228IMG_0228 IMG_0231IMG_0231 IMG_0245IMG_0245 IMG_0253IMG_0253 IMG_0270IMG_0270 IMG_0283IMG_0283 IMG_0289IMG_0289 IMG_0332IMG_0332 IMG_0338IMG_0338 IMG_0345IMG_0345 IMG_0362IMG_0362 IMG_0372IMG_0372 IMG_0382IMG_0382 IMG_0390IMG_0390 IMG_0396IMG_0396 IMG_0410IMG_0410 IMG_0417IMG_0417 IMG_0431IMG_0431 IMG_0448IMG_0448 IMG_0471IMG_0471 IMG_0476IMG_0476 IMG_0485_CropIMG_0485_Crop IMG_0489IMG_0489 IMG_0500IMG_0500 IMG_0506IMG_0506

Check out all of the images here:

Christmas Sessions Part 1 - Santa Claus Mini Sessions

December 22, 2015  •  1 Comment


The most magical day!  I just love our Mini sessions with Santa Claus!  There is nothing like seeing the magic in the children's eyes while meeting the man in red and chatting with him!  The parents and kids love it because each family has their own time to talk to Santa, read stories, go over their wish lists, and ask him anything they want.  Here is some of the fun we had this year!




IMG_1385IMG_1385 IMG_1404IMG_1404 IMG_1424IMG_1424


IMG_0935IMG_0935 IMG_0949IMG_0949 IMG_0954IMG_0954 IMG_0964IMG_0964 IMG_0968IMG_0968 IMG_0972IMG_0972 IMG_0975IMG_0975 IMG_0987IMG_0987 Kinsley_kate_santa_blog_1Kinsley_kate_santa_blog_1



IMG_1083IMG_1083 IMG_1105IMG_1105 IMG_1113IMG_1113 IMG_1121IMG_1121 IMG_1124IMG_1124 IMG_1131IMG_1131 IMG_1151IMG_1151


IMG_1436IMG_1436 IMG_1454IMG_1454 IMG_1487IMG_1487 IMG_1494IMG_1494 IMG_1507IMG_1507 IMG_1538IMG_1538 IMG_1544IMG_1544 IMG_1550IMG_1550 IMG_1561IMG_1561 IMG_1572IMG_1572 IMG_1739IMG_1739 IMG_1745IMG_1745 IMG_1749IMG_1749 IMG_1758IMG_1758 IMG_1760IMG_1760 IMG_1768IMG_1768 IMG_1795IMG_1795 IMG_1812IMG_1812 IMG_1820IMG_1820 IMG_1837IMG_1837


IMG_1584IMG_1584 IMG_1589IMG_1589 IMG_1604IMG_1604 IMG_1650IMG_1650 IMG_1663IMG_1663 IMG_1691IMG_1691 IMG_1701IMG_1701 IMG_1720IMG_1720 IMG_1733IMG_1733 IMG_1183IMG_1183 IMG_1192IMG_1192 IMG_1210IMG_1210 IMG_1213IMG_1213 IMG_1231IMG_1231 IMG_1237IMG_1237 IMG_1248IMG_1248 IMG_1294IMG_1294 IMG_1299IMG_1299 IMG_1306IMG_1306

Lucca_IMG_1842Lucca_IMG_1842 Nuria_IMG_1849_V2Nuria_IMG_1849_V2 Lucca_Nuria_IMG_1859Lucca_Nuria_IMG_1859 Lucca_IMG_1878Lucca_IMG_1878 Nuria_IMG_1891Nuria_IMG_1891

Christmas Mini Sessions with Santa Claus

October 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

1st time meeting Santa!Baby's First Christmas
Lenda_IMG_3832Lenda_IMG_3832 Lenda_IMG_3808Lenda_IMG_3808
It's that time of year again!  It seems like school just started, but before you know it Christmas will be here!  To make things a little easier on you, I have some ways to check off a few things on your holiday to-do list!  
Santa will be coming to Gretchen Noelle Photography again this year for our Christmas mini sessions!  We had so much fun last year, and it was such a magical experience for all of the children.  They were able to sit down with the man in red and share their wish list with him, read stories, check to see if they were on the "nice" list, and so much more!  All this, while I was able to capture these moments that will be treasured for a lifetime!
Skip the lines at the mall, and come join us for an event you and your kids will never forget!  I will also have at least one other setup available to use for portraits (besides my Santa setup).  
The date is November 7th, from 10:00 - 3:00.  20 minute sessions will be booked every half hour.  The session fee is $200, and is required to hold your spot.  An online gallery of 10-15 edited images will be presented for you to choose your photos. Packages will include digital images AND custom designed Holiday Cards!  
You can schedule your session here:
(If a time is not shown, it has already been booked)
  1. Visit with Santa - check!
  2. Holiday photos - check!
  3. Christmas cards -check!
And just like that, three things checked off your list!  Hope to see you!
Here's a glimpse of our fun from last year!

Ashtyn turns one!! - Michigan Baby Photographer

May 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I absolutely love having the opportunity to photograph the first year of a baby's life!  Here is my cousin's sweet baby, Ashtyn, and their beautiful family.  Ashtyn has two other girl cousins that were born within months of her - one being my own daughter!  It is going to be so much fun watching them grow up together!  I can't believe how fast this year has gone by, and I'm sure my cousin Whitney feels the same!

Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4286_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4286_NBHB

Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4101_VMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4101_V Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4107_VMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4107_V Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4125_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4125_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4134_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4134_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4167_NBHB_CropMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4167_NBHB_Crop Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4178_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4178_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4192_NBHB_CropMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4192_NBHB_Crop Michigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4216Michigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4216 Michigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4217Michigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4217 Michigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4225_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4225_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4238_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4238_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4240_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4240_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4241_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Colton_IMG_4241_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4259Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4259 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4270Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4270 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4274Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4274 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4303_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4303_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4319_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4319_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4325_NBHBMichigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4325_NBHB Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4355Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_4355

Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4157_2Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4157_2 Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4170_2Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4170_2 Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4175_2Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4175_2 Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4190Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4190 Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4225Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4225 Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4235Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4235 Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4236Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4236 Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4238Michigan baby photographer_Mc_IMG_4238


Mc_IMG_4035Mc_IMG_4035 Mc_IMG_4036Mc_IMG_4036 Mc_IMG_4054Mc_IMG_4054 Mc_IMG_4079Mc_IMG_4079

Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_7955Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_7955 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_7957Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_7957 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_7958Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_7958 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_7962Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_7962 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8044Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8044 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8049Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8049 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8052Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8052 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8057Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8057 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8068Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8068 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8072Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8072 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8074Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8074 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8075Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8075 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8076Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8076 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8092Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8092

Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8123Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8123 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8168Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8168 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8170Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8170 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8179Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8179 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8181Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8181 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8183Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8183 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8217Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8217 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8271Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8271 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8272Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8272 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8275Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8275

Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8003Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8003 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8011Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8011 Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8033Michigan baby photographer_Ashtyn_IMG_8033

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